Bill Rizer(Contra)Edit

Bill Rizer is a playable character in super mario bros crossover and contra. Sadly in both games, he dies in 1 hit.


Rapid (R): Increases the speed of Bill's attacks. He can have 2 at a time.

Flame Gun (F): Shoots a spinning fireball that pierces through armor.

Spread Gun (S): The best weapon Bill has. This gun shots 5 Machine Gun bullets that destroys brick blocks.

Machine Gun (M): This gun uses rapid fire bullets that are more powerful than the Sniper's bullets.

Laser Gun (L): A hateful power-up, but it's very deadly. When this is on, it's shots a LASER OF DEATH. Only 1 at a time.

Sniper: Bill's starting weapon. Press the Attack button to use.

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