Bill Rizer is a playable character in Super Mario Bros Crossover who originally appeared in the Contra series. He uses his gun as a weapon, which deals lots of damage and can break blocks very quickly. He cannot collect mushrooms to balance out his power, and to reflect the fact that he also dies in one hit in his games.

Power-ups: Edit

  • Rapid (R): Increases the speed of Bill's attacks. He can have 2 at a time.
  • Flame Gun (F): Shoots a spinning fireball that pierces through armor.
  • Spread Gun (S): The best weapon Bill has. This gun shots 5 Machine Gun bullets that destroys brick blocks.
  • Machine Gun (M): This gun uses rapid fire bullets that are more powerful than the Sniper's bullets.
  • Laser Gun (L): Shoots a long, powerful laser. Only one at a time.
  • Sniper: Bill's starting weapon. Press the Attack button to use.

Skins: Edit

  • Bill Rizer (8-Bit, Contra)
  • Bill Rizer (8-Bit, Super C)
  • Bill Rizer (16-Bit, Contra)
  • Bill Rizer (16-Bit, Contra III: The Alien Wars)
  • Bill Rizer (GB, Operation C)
  • Bill Rizer (8-Bit, SMB Special)
  • Bill Rizer (8-Bit, Atari)
  • Lance Bean (8-Bit, Contra)
  • Lance Bean (8-Bit, Super C)
  • Lance Bean (16-Bit, Contra)
  • Lance Bean (16-Bit, Contra III: The Alien Wars)
  • Lance Bean (GB, Operation C)
  • Lance Bean (8-Bit, SMB Special)
  • Lance Bean (8-Bit, Atari)
  • RD-008 (8-Bit, Probotector)
  • RD-008 (GB, Probotector)
  • RC-011 (8-Bit, Probotector)
  • RC-011 (GB, Probotector)