Ryu Hayabusa is the main character in Ninja Gaiden, and a playable character in Super Mario Crossover.

Controls Edit

  • Left/Right Button: The left or right button will allow you to move left or right.
  • Jump Button: The Jump Button will of course allow you to jump. If you jump on wall, and hold left or right, Ryu can climb walls!
  • Attack Button: The attack button will allow Ryu to swing his sword in front of him. He can only hit enemies like Koopas and Pirhana Plants without crouching.
  • Down Button: Down Button will allow Ryu to crouch to attack enemies smaller than him.
  • Special Button: The special button will allow Ryu to use his special move. Ryu can also use this while climbing on walls.

Power-Ups Edit

  • Mushroom: This allows Ryu's sword to be a little stronger.
  • Art of Flying Firewheel: This allows Ryu to throw a wheel of Fireballs in a Upward-Diagonal form that can attack air enemies
  • Art of Fire Dragon Balls: This allows Ryu to throw a Fireball in a Downward-Diagonal form that can attack enemies from below.
  • Jump and Slash: This allows Ryu to do multiple flips in the air, slashing his sword. This makes him able to damage enemies while in air.
  • Throwing Star: This is a basic throwing star. Not much to it.
  • Windmill Star: This is a ninja star with special properties that make it return to the thrower like a boomerang. In fact, it will continuously fly back and forth if it misses you until you make contact with it again and catch it.
  • Spirit Points: All of Ryu's Special Moves use Spirit Points. Spirit Points are dropped by enemies.

Trivia Edit

  • In 2-1, by hanging on a wall, and letting a Koopa shell bounce off of your legs, and the other wall.
    • However, for this to work you need the "All Characters can stomp" cheat.
  • If you hang on a Platform Balance, you'll make the other side go up.