Simon Belmont is a playable character in Super Mario Crossover, who originated from the Castlevania series. He is one of the original playable characters first featured Super Mario Crossover.

Simon is a vampire hunter in the Castlevania world.

Controls Edit

  • Left/Right Button: The left or right button will allow you to move left or right.
  • Jump Button: The jump Button will of course allow you to jump. Pressing it twice allows you to double jump.
  • Attack Button: The attack button will allow Simon to use his whip. The whip can only hit certain enemies while standing, like Koopas and Piranha Plants.
  • Down Button: Down button will allow Simon to crouch. Pressing the attack button will allow Simon to attack enemies smaller than him. He can also jump and crouch.
  • Special Button: The special button will allow Simon to use his special move.

Power-Ups Edit

  • Mushroom: This upgrade allows the whip to deal twice as much damage
  • Whip Upgrade: This upgrade gives the whip an extended length, being able to hit enemies a little further away from you.
  • Dagger: The dagger is like Ryu's shurikens. This is as powerful as the whip.
  • Throwing Axe: This is a very powerful weapon. It starts out flying high and arcs back down to the floor, much like a Hammer Bros. hammer.
  • Boomerang: The boomerang not only hits multiple enemies with a single throw, it also to returns back to its thrower, striking enemies on the return trip as well. It is as powerful as the Throwing Axe. 
  • Holy Water: When thrown, it'll will be tossed in an arc. When it lands, the water erupts in a small flame, making each vial like a small bomb.
  • Stopwatch: This magical watch allows you to freeze time in its tracks for a brief moment, making all enemies and Fire-Bars unable to move. However, you can still take damage from them.